About Bliss-Life

Cathleene Cienfuegos and Macaya MiracleCathleene and Macaya weave ancient wisdom streams with contemporary technologies to offer unique and evolutionary sessions and classes to assist in personal growth and development for sexually curious, spiritually minded and energetically sensitive seekers. Between them they bring an array of spiritual lineages, as well as new age philosophies, cutting edge practices and much humor, compassion and knowledge. Their deep desire is to be fully expressed in this world, connected, empowered and blissful and to help others be too!

What is Bliss-Life?

Bliss-Life is:

• Increased Self Awareness and Expression

• Availability for more Connection ~ Empathy with yourself and others

Body Empathy ~ deep listening and reconnection to the body’s wisdoms

• Moving in the world empowered, with Creativity

Sexual Empowerment ~ Being your ultimate sexy self and creating from a place of pleasure rather than from fear, eradicating guilt and shame


The classes and sessions offered by Cathleene and Macaya, are designed to

• Express and powerfully move your individual life force (sexual energy) to catalyze a creative Life.

• Investigate and clear cultural patterning that is keeping you from being totally self-connected and expressed as who you are.

• Free the body from stuck energy relating to your sexual identities.

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“We must reconnect and embody our sexual energy in order to take the next step in our cultural evolution from Survival mode and into Creative consciousness.” -Cathleene Cienfuegos

Everything is shifting so quickly in this new era of consciousness: much can be experienced now just by saying “yes”.