The Receptive Masculine

What does the Receptive Masculine have more of? EVERYTHING!! Everything Life has to offer from better Relationships to more Creative Potential…

But first of all what IS the Receptive Masculine? Does that even exist?

Absolutely! The receptive masculine is a man who is in touch with all of his parts… physical, mental, emotional.

He is as “in touch” with his feelings as he is with his thoughts and as a result he is more empathetic. Consider for a moment that when we say feelings that we’re not only referring to emotions but ALSO to how things occur to us in our senses, how experiences and ideas actually feel in our bodies. A receptive man allows himself to experience his senses or sensual Self’ more fully and as a result experiences others more fully as well. 

This greater Self-Awareness gives him greater sensitivity in relationships, and ALL of his partners love this!; from business to romantic. Think about becoming a finely tuned instrument that can pick up information about people and the world around you at really subtle levels…

The receptive masculine has an increased intuitive capacity and responds more creatively to situations in his life. Being more open gives you greater access to your own unique gifts and talents in the moment as life shows up. 

As his experiences become more authentic and real, his authentic expression gives powerful permission for those around him to express authentically as well. Everyone benefits and wants to be around him because they feel safer to be who they are. He magnetizes people and situations that help him create the life that he wants. His sexual energy is juicy, alive and totally non-threatening. He no longer needs to conquer and take what he wants because he easily receives what he needs. He shows up vibrantly sexy and totally safe. Yummy! 

He is happier, healthier and less stressed-out…..

Unfortunately our social conditioning has not made it easy for men to be able to be fully expressed, particularly in their feeling bodies, and this has caused a lot of stagnation in the body and heart, jamming up lines of communication, leading to insecurity, and blocked creative flow; over-thinking and under-feeling. 

The good news is, you CAN become more in-tune with your whole self, all your parts. It just takes a little practice. You just need to start receiving. You may need someone to guide you; you may need someone to help you recognize how you can be more open, or help remove blocks in the body that keep you from feeling yourself fully. 

If you want it… You can have it… But you must be willing to Receive it!!!