The Rooted Feminine

What does it mean for a woman to be rooted? Isn’t that the opposite of what makes feminine energy different and unique from masculine? The feminine principle is moving, uplifting, spontaneous, ever-changing, and creative…
and yet when was the last time you felt totally free to be those things?

What does the Rooted Feminine look like?

The rooted feminine is deeply self-connected and empowered to be herself at all times. She takes time to self-connect and understands that this self-connection empowers her to express the way she would like to. From a place of self-knowledge and acceptance she gives herself permission to just Be. Rooted in the still ground of pure Being she is able to move in powerful ways with a high level of self awareness.

This high level of self-awareness allows her to meet herself and situations with clarity and focus. She is able to express what is true and alive for herself in any given moment. She understands that what she has to contribute is meaningful. She does not choke down her own thoughts or words because they seem unimportant or improper. Her intense self-reflection permits her to have a deep understanding of others and allows her to be generously compassionate.

She is not stuck in the cultural paradigm that she is too emotional. She realizes that her feeling body keeps her powerfully connected to life and it’s movements and she utilizes it to have great empathy and compassion for others around her. This free flowing movement of emotion and thought keeps her clear and uncluttered, free from the past and stagnant energies. It offers a lightness of being and creates an easiness in her body and mind that others find irresistible. Her clear light and rooted self-expression inspires everyone around her to express what’s real for them as well.

Being focused and clear, easy and light, her contribution is well supported by those around her. She magnetizes into her life those who would help her further her creative efforts. She becomes free of the over-worrying that comes with feeling unsupported. She has more time and space in her life to pursue her dreams.

She feels balanced.

Ask yourself; what would you need to feel more freedom to move, more spaciousness to play, more time to be creative? What is in the way of expressing your true nature?

For some women the answer would be support. “I need more support to be able to really move the way I want to in the world”. For others it may be “I need permission to express myself fully because it seems to go against what is acceptable and expected of me.” And for some it is safety. “I am not safe to show up empowered as a female because it is too threatening for others in my life”.

Support, permission and safety are often things we expect to receive from somewhere outside ourselves; is it possible that we could be getting more of that from the inside? The answer is Yes! Women are not generally brought up to believe so, and as a result we are carrying generations of heavy beliefs and patterning our bodies and minds that dis-empowers us. It is possible to free the body of this conditioning. We have to start moving it; Moving the body, unwinding and releasing the patterns and stuck energy. You may already feel as though you are constantly moving; but are you moving from a rooted place? A place of clarity and focus? A place of deep self-connectedness, the pure infinite ground of your own being?

If you are desiring to come into a more rooted place for yourself, I’d love to have a conversation with you!