What are Energy Orgasms?

Energy Orgasms are releases of energy that happen in the energy body (soul/spirit/etheric field) of a person that then creates an orgasmic response in the body!

The scientific definition of Orgasm is “a build up of energy followed by a release”. When built up energy in the body comes to a place where it can’t be contained any more, it releases in many different ways. Sexual orgasm is only one example of this build up and release.

Expamples of the different kinds of orgasms are:

  • Sexual Orgasm (you’re pretty familiar with this one)
  • Laugh-gasm (Uncontrollable fits of laughter)
  • Beauty-gasm (Overwhelmed by the beauty of things)
  • Cry-gasm (The body’s way of releasing built up emotional energy)
  • Mind-gasm (Overwhelming excitiment about an idea you or someone else has had)
  • Heart-gasm (An uncontrollable experience of Love for everyone and everything)
  • Kundalini-gasm (Uncontrollable, usually pleasurable shaking)

When a person experiences energy orgasms they could show up in any of these ways and more.

Energy orgasms can be super pleasureable. They also can create a lot of healing in the body, mind, emotions and spirit by moving stuck energy so it can be released. Once this happens the person can start to experience a higher level a flow in all areas of their life.

One of the most common things I hear from people who have experienced Energy Orgasms is that their senses increase (sense of touch/feeling, sense of smell, etc.).

One of my clients reported this after just one session:
“I haven’t been able to feel my breasts in 10 years. I’m now feeling them fully!” -Emily, Newport Beach, CA, USA

Energy orgasms are really easy to learn how to both give an receive. They can be experienced both clothes-on and clothes-off. And what ever kind of release you have, it feels amazing!!!

Check out this video to see a demonstration of a fully clothed energy orgasm session.


Infinite Bliss and Joy to You!!!
Macaya Miracle
Co-creator of Bliss-Life