What does it mean for a woman to be rooted? Isn’t that the opposite of what makes feminine energy different and unique from masculine? The feminine principle is moving, uplifting, spontaneous, ever-changing, and creative… and yet when was the last time you felt totally free to be those things? What […]

The Rooted Feminine

What does the Receptive Masculine have more of? EVERYTHING!! Everything Life has to offer from better Relationships to more Creative Potential… But first of all what IS the Receptive Masculine? Does that even exist? Absolutely! The receptive masculine is a man who is in touch with all of his parts… […]

The Receptive Masculine

Energy Orgasms are releases of energy that happen in the energy body (soul/spirit/etheric field) of a person that then creates an orgasmic response in the body! The scientific definition of Orgasm is “a build up of energy followed by a release”. When built up energy in the body comes to […]

What are Energy Orgasms?