Hi Cathleene, I wanted to say thank you to Macaya and you for a great learning experience time Saturday. It was a great time spent with great people. You really created an open, energetic and exciting environment. Wow! I practiced opening up my chakras yesterday and will do so again tonight. My energy was so flowing so well Sunday that I did not sleep much last night. I will discuss the next one with my lady friend “E” and try convince her to attend the next one. Have a great week! Greg
-Greg, San Diego, CA

Cathleene & Macaya – Thank you for giving a WONDERFUL Saturday class in San Diego on March 7th. I usually hog the floor with questions, but I DIDN’T have to ask a single question, because within a minute or two one of you would always answer it. You two are the “real deal” !! !!
-Hans Beta, Los Angeles, CA

Comfortable, inviting and accepting. Thank you.
-Cindy, San Diego, CA

Many thanks to you for opening up your home and allowing for such a rich experience on Saturday. I really enjoyed meeting both of you and had a wonderful time.
-Rafay, San Diego, CA

I attended a presentation this workshop last month in San Diego. It was because of the positive experience with the instructors, the energy I witnessed and experienced personally, as well as the quality of the interaction of the attendee’s; that I arranged for them to come to my area.
-Steve, San Bernadino, CA